How to increase employee engagement without expensive benefits?

Sounds unbelievable? It does NOT if you are supported by the world's first interactive app based on artificial intelligence that manages your employees and team in an individual way.

Now you can have engaged employees without expensive benefits, without the involvement of external consultants, and all this can be implemented in 60 minutes!

Your people aren't doing what they should and you don't have time to manage them every day? The quality and timeliness of their work leaves a lot to be desired, even if they know what they are doing? And if you point it out to them, they can get offended and even quit their jobs?

You can see a visible increase in the effectiveness and performance of employees in any department within a few weeks. Sales results increase by an average of 15% in the first 6 weeks.

The job of a manager is not easy


Only half of employees feel that every day they perform tasks that give them pleasure at work.


48% of respondents often think about changing their place of employment and consider the offers they receive.


7% of them plan to leave their jobs and are actively looking for a new job.

And it will get even worse...

Because the job market has been taken over by the millennial generation. These are people to whom work does not mean the world. They often prefer not to have a job than to work in a place they do not like. More than half of all employees are from this generation.

This forces companies to change immediately, whether managers are ready or not. And managers to breakneckly manage teams of people as diverse as never before.

Unfortunately, many employers still blindly believe that a gym membership, medical package, and even a raise will motivate each employee.
The result?


Only 30-50% of employees say they are directly involved in their work.


As many as 58% of employees come to work only to receive remuneration and not to be fired.


24% deliberately act to the detriment of the company!

You have to master it. You have no choice

Today, the only key to effective employee management is to know their inner motivations. An individual approach to each employee is not a Western trend. This is a condition for your survival on the market today.

An employee whose manager understands (because they know their motivational drivers), knows how to appreciate, knows how to set goals for them to easily enter the FLOW state, knows how to select tasks for them to reduce stress to an absolute minimum, is a satisfied, motivated and involved employee.

Satisfied employees are characterised by:

31% higher productivity.

37% higher value of sales transactions initiated by them.

They are 3 times more creative.

Do you have an influence on it? Research shows that 70% of an employee's level of motivation depends on their supervisor, i.e. you.

So how do you get employees to do what they're supposed to do?

We noticed that there is a lack of tools that would support modern managers in improving the long-term effectiveness of employees and teams through permanent behaviour change.

Unfortunately, classic psychological tests are not enough today. It was necessary to create a completely new tool and background to support modern managers.

That is why we have created the world's first interactive app using artificial intelligence (AI) for individual management of employees and teams

Who is it for?

We cooperate with both local businesses with a few people and multi-thousand international corporations, HR departments, trainers, coaches, whom we support in business and individual work.

For managers
For employees
For teams
For organisations

For managers who:

Have difficulty communicating with employees to understand and follow their instructions, thus failing to achieve their business goals.

Manage people based on intuition, and they want to know what they should be guided by in managing people, what to focus on and how to do it.

Look for tools tailored to their situation, goals, in line with their needs, potential and introducing permanent changes in employees.

For employees who:

Feel dissatisfied with where they are and would like to change something, but do not know how.

Are not sure how to manage their professional career and in which direction they want and should develop.

Want to have a job in which they fulfil themselves, feel a deeper sense, instead of stress and feeling overwhelmed.

For teams that:

Are ineffective because their members do not know their strengths, talents and communication styles.

Work remotely, hybrid or online, which makes it difficult to build a harmonious, coherent team of people understanding each other.

Are culturally and age-diverse, which makes management even more difficult.

For organisations that:

Do not know what really motivates their people, which makes it difficult for them to build lasting employee engagement.

Have problems with high staff turnover despite constant spending on expensive benefit systems.

Want to be an organisation that implements innovative solutions.

What will you gain?

As a manager
As an employee
As a team
As an organisation

You will become a specialist in creating effective teams, even from ‘ordinary’ people.

You will start to notice people's talents, their unique way of thinking, hidden possibilities.

You will stop burning yourself, employees and projects up.

You will start to manage people effectively and well, because knowing the internal motivations of employees, you can reconcile diversity in the team.

You will precisely define tasks and communicate them properly, and they will be done.

You will learn how to recruit in a modern way and talk in such a way that people will willingly follow your instructions, be engaged and motivated from the first day of work.

You can enter a level of management not available to other managers, which will make you a highly paid specialist who cannot be easily replaced.

You will attract the greatest talents to the company and keep them, because you know how to manage them in accordance with their internal motivations and potential.

You can give feedback to employees without causing internal resistance.

You know how to find a compromise between what is important to each of you in conversations with employees.

You know how to talk to an employee to do exactly what you ask them to do, because you know their motivational drivers.

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You are more willing to come to work, because you are finally working according to your needs.

You are more involved in the entrusted tasks, because they are ‘tailored’ to you.

You are satisfied with the results of your own work, because you fully use your potential.

You know how to effectively motivate yourself and work in your FLOW state most of the time.

You discover your hidden talents, innate predispositions and abilities, and we teach your manager how to take care of it all.

You get along better with the people you work with because you know their inner motivations, needs and talents.

You communicate better in your private life, because when you know your inner needs, you know how to improve communication at work and in your private life

You also communicate better with your partner, children, outside of work, because you know your own needs and can talk about them.

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Employees understand each other better, thanks to which the number of conflicts decreases and the effectiveness of the team increases.

The team is well-coordinated, even if it works in a hybrid model or completely remotely.

Employees discover their talents and, despite personality differences, communicate well with each other.

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You know what motivates your employees, hence you know how to communicate with them, what tasks to assign them, their development paths, building a great organisational culture.

You know how to attract the greatest ‘gems’ to the company, develop their potential and become their dream workplace.

Employees want to be associated with your company for many years.

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What experience do we have with this? 

We have been working with the most demanding managers using this method for over a dozen years.

We have increased the efficiency and effectiveness of:


Polish and international companies.


top managers


Team Leaders



The changes that take place in managers and employees are large and lasting, because our approach is strongly grounded in science. A large interdisciplinary team worked on the development of the AIA Business app for three years.

Only 4 simple steps separate you from reaching a higher level of efficiency in your company.

Step 1
Choose the number of users for whom you want to purchase the AIA Business application.
Step 2
After clicking Buy Access, you will be redirected to the purchase page.
Step 3
Fill in the billing information and complete the purchase.
Step 4
After payment is made, you will receive an email confirmation.

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