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Cohesive teams and profitable companies start from AIA Business

In one place – with the support of science and AI – you effectively get to know each co-worker individually, and the entire organisation achieves its business goals.

the aia business app

An effective team consists of ordinary, people who really want to work

Unconscious needs influence our decisions and behaviour. Satisfying them increases professional performance and satisfaction with life.

AIA Business is an interactive app for individual management, and engaging employees and teams. It uses AI and is based on a proprietary tool that allows you to discover the potential and internal motivations of employees.

Until recently, publications devoted to motivation and self-motivation were dominated by tips that could be applied to any person or personality type. Today we know that each of us is different and we are motivated by completely different drivers.

So an individual approach is necessary.

Thanks to it and AIA Business you will get to know them, name them and understand the impact they have on you and your employees. And this is the first step to building effective teams and a workplace that people want to associate with for years.

Give people what they really need
and your organisation will start to grow and achieve its goals.

Step 1
Find out what drives your employees
Step 2
In-depth analysis and precise tips
Step 3
Lead, Grow and Engage

The AIA survey includes 146 questions and examines as many as 32 needs. It lasts a maximum of 30 minutes. Based on the answers, the system processes millions of combinations of motivators and provides an individual description of each employee's personality. You will receive the percentage report after about 15 minutes. No complicated interpretations or categorisation in colours and typologies. Less than an hour after installation is enough to start working!

AI thoroughly analyses the personality of the tested person and shows their potential. Hard numbers reflect not only what is important, but above all – why and how much. The employee receives development guidance to better understand their potential and internal needs. The manager gets ready-made solutions for work and team management.

With such a base of knowledge and recommendations, there will be no terrible conflicts in the team, lower sales or lack of motivation. Knowing the internal needs of employees, you will clearly set directions for action, assign tasks according to predispositions and start communicating so that you are understood and listened to. Everyone will be able to work in their own flow and enjoy it all the time. Thanks to this, they will be maximally effective, achieving both their personal professional goals and the goals of the organisation.

How does this work?

Download the app
research in app
Users log in and do research
Implementation time is only 60 minutes.
From the moment of installing the application, to obtaining an analysis of the potential and development tips.
Analysis of your own profile and potential, development tips and sharing.
3-hour workshop for employees.
Recommendations for the manager on how to manage employees
3-hour workshop for management staff.
Reality Check
3-hour team workshop.
One app. Benefits for everyone

Individual employee engagement and team management is not an invention or a utopian vision. It's a necessity. If you want to improve your results and build an exemplary organisation that will function better than a Swiss watch and your competition will envy you.

For manager
For an employee
For team
For organisation

As a manager:

You build effective teams even from ordinary people.

You see the full potential of a person: their talents, unique perspective and hidden possibilities.

You get to know the internal motivations of employees and effectively engage them with respect for individuality and diversity.

You precisely define and communicate goals and tasks, and these are carried out as they should.

You know modern ways to bring the best talents to the organisation. And keep them for years.

You know how to talk to employees and give them feedback without worrying about internal resistance or an unpleasant atmosphere.

You are a leader that everyone follows and you are hard to replace.

As an employee:

You are more willing and more involved in the entrusted tasks, because they will be selected especially for you.

You discover the FLOW in which you work most effectively.

You come to work because you want to, not because you have to.

You use your full potential, and work will give you real satisfaction.

You discover your inner motivations, predispositions and needs that will help you get along better with your team, superiors and relatives.

As a team:

Differences in age and personality cease to matter.

Everyone begins to understand and get along better – the number of conflicts will decrease and efficiency will increase.

A well-chosen and well-coordinated team works effectively in all conditions – also in the hybrid mode and completely remotely.

As an organisation:

You build a profitable company based on well-coordinated and effective teams.

You attract the best talents from the industry and get rid of the problem of frequent rotations, unsuccessful recruitment and expensive benefits.

You create a workplace with which people want to associate their future.

Satisfied employees are 31% more productive.

What will you (re)gain?


less nervous meetings and unnecessary training, AI will do a lot for you

Confidence and composure

you know why an employee is not delivering and what to do about it

Matching and loyal employees

no more missed recruitments and constant rotations


less expensive benefits, incentive systems and recruitment or onboarding costs

Engaging workplace

only one in two employees enjoys their work

Self-awareness and autocoaching

tips for development – also in private life

Why is it worth using AIA Business?

Instant start

60 minutes is enough to start working with people

Low costs

and human involvement during implementation

Fast updates

and team changes

All knowledge in one place

no piles of folders and documents

Personalised information

about employees and teams

Reality Check

you know to what extent the position and tasks are consistent with the needs


you know who has access to what data

Full access

to data 24/7

What is AIA Business better at?

Popular psychometric tools mainly describe reality.

AIA Business allows you to reach deep-rooted foundations of behaviours and drivers. It does not group, does not divide, but discovers the subconscious motivations of man.

  • No weeks of waiting for a report and consultation.

  • No unnecessary meetings.

  • Without complicated and expensive incentive systems.

With AIA Business you will learn not only what is happening, but above all – why

and you won't be alone with it. You will receive full support and competence to build a team and manage it effectively – for the benefit of a single employee and the entire organisation.

This is not offered by any tool on the market.

Is it possible to increase sales by 15% in 6 weeks?

The organisations and teams we have helped over the years show that it is possible.

Some results were slightly worse.
But some were way better.

They have trusted the approach based on science, data and technology:


companies from Poland and abroad


C-Level managers





Now it's time for you.

Still hesitating?
Imagine that right now the sales columns are diving, the department is sparkling with animosity and accusations, and more employees are thinking about leaving.
Perhaps it is just a gloomy vision that does not threaten you now and you will never experience it.


What if tomorrow you wake up in this reality?

What will you do then?

Can you afford such a loss?
The old ‘methods’ of whip, stick, carrot, raises and more passes do not work – certainly not for millennials and Gen-Z. And not over long distances.
Problems swept under the rug will return. They always do.
Use what really works – the power of science, modern technologies and the potential of your employees.

Match AIA Business to your organisation

Number of accesses
Subscription for 6 months
One time AIA test
160 + taxes / for one user
The subscription is not automatically renewed. We will notify you by e-mail before its completion.

Do you need support and want to make even better use of AIA Business to engage your team? We have something for you!

To use additional services, you must
purchase access to the application.
Online workshop for executives
An original workshop conducted on the basis of the AIA Business app. For management at all levels who want to develop management competences through individualisation.
3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people


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Online workshop for the team
An original workshop conducted on the basis of the AIA Business app. For those who want to build a real team, not just a group of employees.
3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people


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Online workshop for employees
An original workshop conducted on the basis of the AIA Business app. For those who want to get to know themselves deeper, discover undiscovered talents and consciously control their development.
3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people


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Individual online consultations
Special time alone with your consultant.
3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people


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FAQ, i.e. you ask – we provide an answer

How much does it all cost?
The initial investment per employee is EUR 160 for half a year. The package includes the AIA test (EUR 100) and access to the application for 6 months (EUR 60). After this time, the subscription will be extended for another six months. You pay for the test once, and then only pay for the subscription.
I already have access to the application. What's next?
Get started! You can open it at any time and on any device. The application is simple, intuitive and will guide you through the steps. You will notice the first effects after an hour, not weeks of work with consultants.
Test done. What should I do with the results? Who will discuss them with?
The test is the first step. After 15 minutes you get a specific result expressed as a percentage. It does not require complicated interpretation, and the numbers reflect not only what is important to you or your employees, but above all – why and how much. You are not alone with them. Based on them, you get recommendations and tips on how to work and effectively manage a team. And it is in line with the needs of each employee.
What exactly does the tool measure in AIA Business?
AIA Business is a special psychometric tool that precisely shows what drives people and influences their behaviour. The test measures human individuality – personality, values and resistance to stress, and AIA Business prepares development guidelines based on the results.
Most of the research or tools that I have used only describe employees – everyone has to fit into a certain pattern. Is it the same with this?
No! In the app, each employee and manager has their own profile, which is created on the basis of a detailed study. In the app you will find reliable information about strengths and weaknesses, distinguishing features and deep motivations. This is the key to getting to know, understanding and appropriate, i.e. individual management of people.
Why should I trust the directions in the app?
The psychometric test consists of 146 questions and touches as many as 32 human needs and motivations. There is no accident in the results, and the effectiveness of the test is confirmed by prestigious publications. An international and interdisciplinary team worked on the app for over three years. They taught it at first for over 10,000 records, which continued to grow. The report with the description and recommendations are based on millions of combinations – there is no chance of a mistake.
I have a problem with communication with employees; they don't always do what I tell them. Will AIA Business help me?
Of course! Having an individual profile of an employee, you understand them better and you know what drives them. Thanks to this, you know what tasks and communication method each of them resonates with. You know how and what to praise them for so that everyone wants to want it.

Sales are falling, employee turnover is increasing, and the atmosphere in the team is getting worse. How to fix it?
Individual employee profiles are the basis for building effective sales, marketing and customer service teams. You know how to motivate them, set goals and tasks or relieve stress in the worst moments. People who enjoy what they do are more productive – and that benefits the entire organisation.
I have more and more failed recruitments. And their costs continue to rise.
Each employee is of great value to the company. The individual profile will give you a full picture of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as internal motivations that push them to action. With this knowledge, you can create a team for many years. No more recruitments, long onboardings and unnecessary reshuffles.
The user profile contains personal and sensitive information – is it safe at AIA Business?
We meet the stringent requirements related to the GDPR, and all data and profiles are fully secure. You know who sees and has access to them. You sleep soundly at night and build happy and committed teams during the day.
Does the Reality Check work?
Thanks to it, you get a percentage of information on how compatible the workplace is with your internal needs or those of your employees. A low match score lets you quickly understand why someone isn't delivering. You know the reasons, so you can react and choose goals, tasks, position or working conditions, and the employee's effectiveness will start to grow day by day, because they will act in harmony with themselves.
I’m very busy and I have no time for management or individual approach.
AIA Business is your management centre and a powerful time saver. You don't organise meetings and calls. You don't have to plan their agenda or attend further training. Just one look at the profile and you already know how to talk (even in small talk), how to motivate, what tasks to assign. Treat the application as a manual for your employees, which you can refer to regardless of the place and time.
The company's budget for further benefits and incentive systems is shrinking.
Then you can use it for other expenses. With AIA Business you will create a system that really works because it is based on knowledge about the personality of each employee. In the app, you will get hundreds of ready-made tips to get the best out of employees, and not give another carrot in the form of courses, training or gamification. Self-awareness and proper guidance will help them become not only better specialists, but also better people.

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