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These workshops are for you if:

If you want to get to know and understand the whole team even better

If you want to feel more confident with AIA Business

If you want your organisation to grow faster

Take advantage of our original workshops which we have designed for managers, employees and teams who want to develop their own potential in harmony with their drivers.

This all in order to jointly build an organisation that they sincerely care about.

We recommend the workshop when you want to build and effectively engage a team whose strength will be the experience and diversity of representatives of many generations. And also when you want to create a more motivating workplace where people use their full potential.

Each workshop is a separate story.

We don't take examples from outer space. We work on real insights of your organisation provided by the AIA Business app. That is why it is the most suitable training for you and your company.
Online workshop for executives

How to build employee engagement? 

Managing and setting goals according to the SMART method is no longer enough. An individual approach based on internal motivations is a must. Thanks to it, even a team composed of generation X, millennials, Gen-Z is harmonious and effective. However, it needs proper guidance and engagement. Together with AIA Business it is possible.
For whom

Managers – experienced and beginners

Board members

Mid-level and senior employees

Participants must have completed the test and have used the app for at least 1 week



3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people
The problems you solve
What will the manager gain?
Workshop Agenda

Low level of employee involvement and motivation

High employee turnover

Managers have insufficient competencies to manage teams

What will the manager gain?

Knows themselves better and consciously uses their individual management style to improve the company's results

Uses effective and modern people management tools
Engages individually, sets goals and gives feedback.

Effectively communicates tasks and commands, adjusting the form and content of the message to a specific employee

Uses methods of self-development and self-motivation matched to individual values and talents

Workshop Agenda

Management by Individualisation to develop existing management styles

Manager's self-motivation and self-development: how to manage in harmony with yourself?

How to individually set goals (not only annual) for the employee and the team?

How to conduct cyclical meetings and talks, taking into account drivers of employees and the team?

How to conduct summary meetings and annual talks with employees?

How to give positive and negative feedback individually?

How to show appreciation in line with individual drivers?

How to build a motivating and engaging work environment based on employee drivers?

Online workshop for the team

How to collaborate effectively?

A real team is not a group of random people. In order to function harmoniously and achieve results, it takes time and effort to first select it and then develop it. Together with AIA Business, you will define the drivers that will result in the desired behaviour in the team.

With this knowledge, it will be much easier (and faster) to choose the right people and build an effective team. You will discover the potential and hidden talents of individual employees; define their common features and differences. You will understand them better to manage and engage them more effectively – in line with their needs.
For whom

Teams with their leaders and managers

Participants must have completed the test and have used the app for at least 1 week



3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people
The problems you solve
What will the team gain?
Workshop Agenda

The problems you solve:

No tolerance in the team for the differences of other employees

The team is uncoordinated, employees do not cooperate

There is a bad atmosphere in the team

The team is inefficient

Team members understand and collaborate better

Tasks are assigned in accordance with innate predispositions

The team is more willing and more involved in entrusted projects

The number of conflicts in the team decreases and the results increase

Team members become a true and committed monolith more easily

Workshop Agenda:

What is Management by Individualisation?

What unites us, what divides us? Team profile analysis

Designing the Team Manual

Developing an individual way of communication within the team
Conflicts and tolerance

Online workshop for employees

Get to know your potential and start living in harmony with yourself

Employees and managers are often unaware of their capabilities. It is difficult for them to determine what they are best at and in what directions they want to develop. Only with the participation of professional support are they able to bring out those values that are important to them and can support them at work.

Getting to know individual drivers, needs and talents, and then creating conditions that will enable their implementation, stimulates internal motivation and employee involvement. And this translates into greater enthusiasm, efficiency and job satisfaction.
For whom

Every employee and manager.

Participants must have completed the test and have used the app for at least 1 week



3000 € / 3h / Max. 8 people
The problems you solve
What will employees and managers gain?
Workshop Agenda

The problems you solve:

Low level of employee involvement and motivation

High employee turnover

Low employee loyalty

No attachment to the organisation

They get to know themselves better and consciously use their individual potential in everyday work

They know how to motivate themselves

They know their comfort zone and manage it effectively

They can achieve the state of their FLOW, in which they work most effectively

They receive tasks according to their talents and drivers

Employees' self-acceptance is growing

The fluctuation of employees in the team and organisation is falling

Career paths are individually profiled for employees' motivations

Workshop Agenda:

Comfort zone – how to expand it?

What supports me and what blocks me?

How can I fully use my potential in what I do?

Individual setting of goals in harmony with each other

Self hugging

How to achieve the FLOW state at work?

Individual online consultations

Meet with our consultant

Are you planning big changes in your team or organisation? Do you want to maintain or improve your results? Do you need knowledge about drivers in recruitment? Or maybe you want to know how else you can use AIA Business to build your business?

Meet with our consultant.

It's only 2 hours.

They will answer all your questions and clear your doubts.
For whom

Every employee and manager

You must have completed the test and use the app for at least 1 week



1500 € / 2h / 1 person