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International team of trainers and consultants

First, a bit of history of how this concept came about - building engagement based on artificial intelligence

For years we have been bothered by the question, why don't people do what they should do? During our work as developmentalists, trainers, coaches, but also as managers and executives, we were looking for effective solutions to manage people in a friendly way.

After several years, we came to the conclusion that people cannot be managed. We found this out for ourselves - because we were running training courses, workshops, coaching... which did not always work. Managers were sent on training courses where they were supposed to learn how to manage people in a few days.

That's not possible.

At the same time, we have an increasing diversity of people in the job market and in teams - in teams, the more diversity, the better, the more creative and effective they are. But the key is to manage people well.

Manage people effectively so that there is maximum engagement and people, employees are happy to come to work

This has been a goal in our past activities - we have done this during consulting projects - teaching organisations and managers how to build engaged teams and what to do to ensure that employees do not leave.

We knew all along that we had to do this through a personalised approach

Every employee needs different goals, different communication, different praise. An ordinary Manager is not able to grasp this.

We found that we needed a new solution to support Managers in getting to know and developing their employees.

It was 2019, an autumn evening. Another project that was very time-consuming and cost us a lot of energy and the client a lot of money

The results were there, but again we were faced with the question of how to make sure that our implemented activities at the client would continue. The solution was AIA Business.

We reached for AIA, the first application of its kind in the world, which tells managers precisely what and how much their employees need in order to build engagement.

AIA Business is powered by artificial intelligence, and it is only its application that allows an individual approach to the employee

AIA was the answer to all our problems. Today, we use it on a daily basis with our clients, ranging from teams of a few people to multinational corporations.


International team of trainers and consultants

Business practitioners with extensive skills, knowledge and experience. They have worked with major companies around the world. They support our clients in achieving their goals.

They work holistically, often in an international environment. They combine the roles of consultant, manager, mentor, coach and trainer.

They support, develop, engage, teach, inspire. They are effective.

I am an artificial intelligence and I support organisations in building engagement. An app that supports employees in their self-development, managers in managing people and organisations in building an engaging work environment.


I look for unusual solutions and ask a lot of uncomfortable questions of clients in order to accurately diagnose the problem and tailor the best solution. I have a lot of energy, which I consume on constantly improving the prepared solutions.


Creativity and a knack for technological solutions are my strengths. I excel in dealing with diverse teams and will not rest until I find a solution to a problem.


After talking to Ewa and Kasia, I knew we would create a unique solution. I have experience in FinTech companies, I was a Manager, I know the pain points of the organisation. I've always worked with people who are the best in their field - this was also the case with artificial intelligence, which was the heart of AIA.